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Battery Charge Controller For Wind Turbine DC12V 24V 48V Off Grid

Battery Charge Controller For Wind Turbine DC12V 24V 48V Off Grid

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  • Is_customized: Yes
  • Maximum Current: 30A
  • Certification: CE
  • Application: Wind Controller

1) .PMW Charge Controller For Wind Turbine 12V/24V Auto Distinguish


Connect way: The controller has 5 wire 3 pcs blue wire----connect with wind turbine Red cable--------battery “+” port Black cable---------battery “-” port

Indicator light: There are 2 indicator light Red light ----1. when dump load or brake, it will be on 2--- when connect to battery, it will flash 3- Yellow light----when more fast flash,, more current to charge battery


2). MPPT Boost Charge Controller For Wind Turbine 12V/24V Auto Distinguish


Connection There are total 5 wires output of the controller 3 blue wire : connect with wind turbine 1 red wire:  connect with battery "+" 1 black wire: connect with battery"-"

Indicator lamp: Red light: When connect to battery, it will flash once. When brake or duming load, it will on.  Yellow light: When boosting charging, it will flash. When the current is more, the flash is more quick


3). Advanced PWM Charge Controller For Wind Turbine 12V/24V/48 Auto Distinguish


Product features: Wind power charge controller 2V/24V/48V Automatic recognition technology Three phase soft brake technology, more perfect protection of the wind turbine  


4). PWM Wind Solar Hybrid Controller For Wind Turbine And Solar Panel

  Feature: 1.U.S. imports of products based on expert-level micro controller and dedicated control software; 2.With battery overcharge, over discharge, reverse protection;Tan fan with auto unloading, auto brake, manually brake, speed detection, over-speed protection;Load short-circuit protection, overload protection;Solar reverse polarity protection;All protection does not damage any parts。 3.Solar and Wind use buck function,;With a float,constant voltage,current limiting charging function;Wind speed and braking recovery time can be set and modified; 4.Batteries with precision temperature compensation; 5.All the control uses the industrial chip, in the cold, high temperature, damp environment to run freely. At the same time, use a crystal oscillator for timing control, timing control precision 6.Using the intuitive LED digital display, a key type operation can complete all settings, the setting time and nixie tube display digital is corresponding to each other, and show more intuitive 7.Fully waterproof, pure aluminum housing designed to increase awareness of environmental failure prevention, and to achieve good cooling effect, can effectively extend the service life of the controller


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