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Solar Panel Flexible 100/200/300/400/500/600/1000 W RV Boat Car Home 12V 24V Battery Charger

Solar Panel Flexible 100/200/300/400/500/600/1000 W RV Boat Car Home 12V 24V Battery Charger

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Solar Panel Flexible 100/200/300/400/500/600/1000 W RV Boat Car Home 12V 24V Battery Charger


  • Solar panel solar cell, solar charger: for 12V 24V 36V 48v battery
  • Solar panel 600w: 6 pcs 100w solar panel
  • Solar panel 500w: 5 pcs 100w solar panel
  • Solar panel 400w: 4 pcs 100w solar panel
  • Solar panel 300w: 3 pcs 100w solar panel
  • Solar panel 200w: 2 pcs 100w solar panel
  • Solar panel 100w: 1 pcs 100w solar panel
  • Solar panel 1000w: 10 pcs 100 w solar panel
  • is_customized: Yes
  • Type: Solar Panel
  • Size: 1000*500*2.5mm
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Number of Panels: >20
  • Number of Cells: 36
  • Nominal Capacity: 100w 200w 300w 400w 500w 600w 1000w
  • Model Number: Solar panel
  • Maximum System Voltage: 600V
  • Max. Power: 100w / 200w / 300w / 400w / 500w / 600w / 1000w
  • Max Power voltage: 18v
  • Max Power Current: 5.5A
  • Material: Monocrystalline Silicon
  • Foldable Solar Panel: No
  • Flexible Solar Panel: Yes
  • Certification: RoHS, FCC, CE
  • Cable: 0.9 meter 2X2.5mm


A. Select high-efficiency 158*158mm lines monocrystalline silicon solar cells, the power generation efficiency is about 1.3 times that of conventional polysilicon, and the overall area is smaller at the same power.

B. Semi flexible design,Graceful appearance, delicate and cabinet;

C. The surface is made of PET and treated with a special process, which is more wear-resistant and improves the absorption efficiency of sunlight.

D. Convenience to take , fashionable elegance. PV connector can be suitable to connect controller. Especially suitable for anywhere can obtain sunshine, realize high-efficient charging, use convenient and safe, environmental protection, energy saving.It is good for promotion, sales, gifts etc.

E. The junction box adopts IP67 waterproof design, contains bypass diode, and the circuit adopts overcharge and reverse current protection design.

F. Use photovoltaic special cable and PV connector, outdoor use is safe, waterproof, high temperature resistance and weather resistance. PV connector is easy to use, plug and play.

G. This product is a solar module. It is recommended to be used with controllers and batteries. It can be used in various scenarios such as households, camping, RVs, yachts, street lights and solar power stations.

Solar panel Technician Specification




1650 G



Main material

Monocrystalline silicon


2.5 mm

Frame material


Solar panel Electrical Specification

Performance Under Standard Test Conditions(STC*)

Maximum power


100 Wp

Open circuit voltage


21.6 V

Maximum power point voltage


18 V

Short-circuit current

I sc

6 A

Maximum power point current

I mpp

5.5 A

Minor reduction in efficiency under partial load conditions at 25degC: at 100 W/m2, 95%- (+/-3%) of the STC efficiency (1000 W/m2) is achieved.

Solar panel Component Material

Cells per module


Cell dimensions


Cell type

Monocrystalline Silicon


EVA+Plastic Cover

System Intergration Technician

Maximum system voltage SC II

1000 V

Maximum reverse current

10 A

Maximum system voltage USA NEC

600 V

Increased snowload acc. to IEC 61215

5.4 kN/msup2;

Thermak Characteristics


47 degC

TC Voc

-0.33 %/degC

TC Isc

0.042 %/degC

TC Pmpp

-0.45 %/degC

Solar panel Extra Specification

PTC rating

100 W

Module efficiency


Junction box



Pflash ge Pmax

Cable Length

0.9 M

Power tolerance*

+/- 5 %

Solar module products

A. This product must not be in contact with highly corrosive substances to avoid excessive bending and long-term bending;

B. The solar panel should be prevented from stacking and falling down, the solar flexible panel cannot be disassembled, do not collide with hard objects, avoid trampling, and avoid scratching the surface with hard objects during use;

C. A large number of scratches or dirt on the surface of the solar panel may result in low efficiency of the solar panel, which may seriously cause burnout;

D. The suitable ambient temperature range of solar panels: -20 ℃-80 ℃, do not exceed this range;

E. The solar panel must be installed in an area with good sunlight and no shadow. The solar panel may work in the shaded sunlight for a long time and there may be a risk of burnout;

F. When used in series connection, the "+" of the previous component is connected to the "-" of the next component. The same panel cannot be directly connected to the positive and negative poles.


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