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Progress update 2021 Stripe Climate

Progress update 2021 Stripe Climate
Progress update 2021 Stripe Climate
Progress update 2021 Stripe Climate
Progress update
January 2022
Thank you, 54 Energy

Since January 25, 2021, your contribution to Stripe Climate enabled significant progress:

Progress update 2021 Stripe Climate Four new companies joined the Stripe Climate portfolio. Stripe Climate is the first customer for three of them.
Progress update 2021 Stripe Climate

Climeworks announced the opening of Orca, the world’s largest direct air capture facility.

Progress update 2021 Stripe Climate Future Forest successfully completed their first enhanced weathering trial. Building on their findings, they have launched commercial scale trials (>1,000 tons of basalt).
Stripe Climate portfolio
Our portfolio consists of a variety of promising early-stage carbon removal technologies. Funds contributed to date have been used to buy the following types of carbon removal:
Progress update 2021 Stripe Climate
  Direct air capture 30%
  Electrochemical ocean capture 22%
  Enhanced weathering 18%
  Mineralization in concrete 11%
  Storage in peridotite 11%
  Bio-oil injection 6%
  Kelp sinking 3%
Meet the new projects

Stripe Climate partnered with 13 scientific experts to select four new carbon removal projects to add to our portfolio. Stripe is the first customer for three of these companies. You can read the full announcement here.

Progress update 2021 Stripe Climate

44.01 ($170/ton) turns CO₂ into rock, harnessing the natural power of mineralization. Their technology injects CO₂ into peridotite, an abundantly available rock, where it is stored permanently. This storage approach can be paired with a variety of capture technologies.

Progress update 2021 Stripe Climate

Ebb Carbon ($1,950/ton) mitigates ocean acidification while capturing CO₂. Using membranes and electrochemistry, Ebb removes acid from the ocean and enhances its natural ability to draw down CO₂ from the air for storage as oceanic bicarbonate.

Progress update 2021 Stripe Climate

Eion ($500/ton) accelerates mineral weathering by mixing silicate rocks into soil. Their pelletized product is applied by farmers to increase carbon in the soil, which over time makes its way into the ocean where it’s permanently stored as bicarbonate. Alongside their technology development, Eion is also conducting a novel soil study to improve the field’s measurement of CO₂ uptake.

Progress update 2021 Stripe Climate

Sustaera ($700/ton) uses ceramic monolith air contactors to capture CO₂ directly from the air for permanent storage underground. Their direct air capture system, powered by carbon-free electricity and built with modular components, is designed for quick manufacturing and capture at scale.


Project applications and contracts can be viewed on GitHub. Our full portfolio can be found on our website.

How we find and fund

Your contributions are used to permanently remove CO₂ from the atmosphere. These contributions are crucial to increase the likelihood the world has the portfolio of solutions needed to avoid the worst effects of climate change.


Stripe Climate selects high-potential carbon removal projects in partnership with scientific experts and uses your contributions to act as an early customer to help them scale up. Learn more about our purchase philosophy here.....




If your business made Stripe Climate contributions in multiple currencies, we have converted the total amount of your contributions to the primary currency designated on your Stripe account in this update.



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