Collection: Solar Charge Controller MPPT

MPPT stands for: Maximum Power Point Tracking. It is a logical electronic system, whose function is to track the highest power point of the photovoltaic array in which it is constantly connected. With this, the equipment can obtain a better use of the solar generation that affects the photovoltaic panels. Therefore, if the system has arrangements with different angles or amounts, it is necessary to use inverters with multiple MPPTs.

What is MPPT and its importance: when, how many and where to apply MPPTs?
The amount of MPPT required must be proportional to the number of exposure variations of the system. This amount, therefore, can directly relate to the orientations verified on the roof where the solar system will be installed. So, if the roof in question contemplates only 1 orientation, opting for an inverter with only 1 MPPT is enough. However, if there are 2 different orientations, you will need to use an inverter with at least 2 MPPTs or even increase the number of inverters. In this case, it will be 1 inverter with 1 MPPT for each orientation.
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