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Progress update - September 2023-Stripe Climate-

Thank you, 54 Energy, Inc.

In May, you helped fund Charm Industrial’s first-ever offtake agreement. Stripe Climate was Charm’s first customer in 2020, so we’re particularly excited to see them go from concept to scale-up in just three short years. As an early customer, you’ve played an important role shaping Charm’s trajectory.

You funded 14 early-stage carbon removal companies that we just added to the Stripe Climate portfolio, and you were the first customer for 10 of them. Based on their own projections, these companies could collectively remove more than half a million tons of CO₂ annually by 2026.

Projects by pathway

As a Stripe Climate member, you’ve helped fund a diverse portfolio of 45 projects

We direct 100% of your Stripe Climate contributions to buying durable carbon removal via Frontier. We aim to act as an early customer to help promising new technologies, selected in partnership with scientific experts. Your contributions increase the likelihood the world has the portfolio of solutions needed to avoid the worst effects of climate change.

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