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3 Phase 30KW 400V Water Turbine Automatic Voltage Stabilization Oblique Impact Hydraulic Water Generator 30000W

3 Phase 30KW 400V Water Turbine Automatic Voltage Stabilization Oblique Impact Hydraulic Water Generator 30000W

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This 3 phase 30KW 400V water turbine automatically stabilizes voltage, while utilizing oblique impact and hydraulic power to generate up to 30000W of clean energy for your home. Experience reliable and efficient power with this advanced water generator.


  • Brand Name: FLTXNY POWER
  • Mounting Base: With Mounting Base
  • Shaft Material: IRON
  • Model Number: 3Phase-30KW
  • Type: Water Generator
  • Rated power: 30kw
  • Voltage: 400V

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The water turbine's price is$4980(not include the shipping cost).

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Specifications and technical parameters:

Rated Power: 30KW Rated Voltage: 400V Electric Current: 54.1A Rate:50Hz Water head: 30-80 meters Flow : 0.08 m⊃3;/s

In areas with abundant water resources, small hydroelectric generators are the preferred power source for families, because they generate 230V/400V electricity, do not require batteries and inverters, and have low cost and stable voltage. This kind of generator is a fully assembled unit composed of a direct-coupled excitation synchronous three-phase alternator of the oblique impingement turbine. It has the characteristics of small size, light weight, simple structure, reliable operation, convenient installation and use, etc. It is most suitable for the power generation equipment for lighting, television and other electricity used by farmers in mountainous areas with sporadic micro hydraulic resources. Both the turbine and generator have undergone intensive technical treatment, with reliable quality and stable performance.

They can be operated by women and children, and are suitable for farmers to purchase, build, manage, and use by themselves. Users can add happiness and joy to your family with less investment. The "slant jet" adopts new inclined pipes and nozzles, with large and small diameters, which improves the efficiency of the turbine. A separate support section is set between the motor and the water turbine, and a tapered roller bearing suitable for bearing the radial direction is added; it can be refueled and waterproof, which greatly improves the life of the unit, avoids the main drawbacks of the ordinary diagonal hammer, and achieves high quality.

30kw rotor with brush excitation type [the rotor is also wound with copper wire] automatic voltage-stabilizing AC hydroelectric generator set [without additional discharge load]. The oblique impact turbine generator set is a generator set with high head and small flow, and the general applicable head range is 5-70 meters. Its working principle is: the jet from the nozzle is not in the tangential direction, but in a direction at a certain angle to the rotating plane of the runner, enters the bucket from one side of the runner, and then leaves the bucket from the other side.

The installation pictures are as follows:

Installation instructions

  • Installation requirements: the bottom plane of the turbine is in tight contact with the foundation plane and there is no gap, and the contact surface neither splashes the tail water nor leaks water outward.
  • Installation procedure: After the foundation of the unit with concrete is solidified, install the unit in place, and then pour in sequence. The levelness of the unit must be measured with a spirit level when installing the unit to ensure that the unit is fixed in a horizontal position. The gap between the unit and the ground is sealed with cement, and no water seepage is allowed. After the unit is installed, perform another inspection and turn the runner shaft of the turbine by hand. If it moves flexibly, the unit will be installed.
  • The basic requirements for installing pipelines: purchase pipelines according to the pipeline diameter required by the unit, and the high drop can reduce the pipeline diameter. The pipeline should be straight and bend as little as possible. The angle between the pipeline and the horizontal should not be less than 25 degrees. Otherwise, the pipeline will grow and the head loss will be large, which will result in insufficient power generation and other consequences. The water inlet of the water diversion pipe installed in the front pool wall should be used most. The bottom edge of the horn tube is not less than 0.2 meters from the bottom of the pool, and the inner diameter of the joints should be equal. In order to reduce the head loss, the joints should be minimized.
  • The installation of steel pipes: Micro-hydropower mostly uses welded steel pipes with flanges. When installing, the flange rubber gasket must be placed in the correct position to avoid reducing the cross-section of water. The pipe joint nuts should be tightened in diagonal order.
  • Pier: At the junction of the water diversion pipe and the nozzle of the turbine, the pipe bears the greatest pressure, so a pier must be built with stone or concrete to fix the metal pipe.
  • Buttress: Due to the weight of the metal pipe and the weight of water, the pipe is too long and easy to bend and deform, so a buttress must be added in the middle. The location of the branch pipe is best set at the joint of the pipe.

Check after installation

  • Check the pipes and joints for leaks. If leakage is found, the cause should be analyzed and dealt with in time.
  • Clean up the dirt that blocks the pipeline during installation to ensure the smooth flow of water.
  • Check whether the pipeline is bent or deformed after being subjected to water pressure, and whether the support is firm. If there is an abnormal phenomenon, it should be dealt with in time.
  • Valve installation
  • The valve is installed on the water diversion pipe, the end close to the unit, about meter away from the nozzle or directly on the nozzle, depending on the specific situation. The valve diameter of micro-hydropower should be consistent with the diameter of the water pipe. Gate valves or ball valves can be used. Stop valves must not be used, because the selection of stop valves will reduce the cross section of the water and affect the output of the turbine.

Two points must be paid attention to when installing the valve:

  • The center line of the turbine runner shaft and tailpipe must be kept on the same vertical line.
  • Flange gaskets should be upright and bolted tightly connected, so as to reduce head loss and prevent leakage.

Engine room

The machine room of the micro-turbine unit can be built as a civilian house, and the room should be ventilated and not leak-proof. The area depends on the size of the unit, and the distance between the unit and the wall should not be less than 0.8 meters to facilitate installation, maintenance and operation.


Check before test machine. After the installation of micro-hydropower, it must be inspected before trial operation. The inspection content includes several aspects such as the inspection of the installation quality, the inspection of the micro-hydrogenerator unit and the electrical system.

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