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Single-phase Exciter 5000W 220V Water Tuebine 5KW Hydro-phase Excitation Single Oblique Strike Hydroelectric Hydroelectric

Single-phase Exciter 5000W 220V Water Tuebine 5KW Hydro-phase Excitation Single Oblique Strike Hydroelectric Hydroelectric

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Power your hydroelectric system with the Single-phase Exciter. This 5000W unit features hydro-phase excitation and a single oblique strike, generating up to 5KW of clean and efficient energy. With 220V compatibility, this turbine is ready to power your home or business. Upgrade to a sustainable energy source today.


  • Brand Name: FLTXNY POWER
  • Shaft Material: IRON
  • Model Number: T-5000W-SinglePhase
  • Type: Water Generator
  • Rated power: 5000w
  • Voltage: 220V
  • Type: Excitation single-phase slanting hydroelectric generator
  • Power: 5000W
  • Voltave:220v single phase
  • Flow: 0.035m3/s
  • Water Head: 15-40m
  • Water pipe with a valve 75mm

In the water-rich region is home to small-scale hydroelectric power of choice, because it is issued by the 220v electricity, it does not require batteries and inverters, low cost, voltage stability. Such generators are used oblique Direct hit turbine units ready permanent magnet synchronous single-phase alternators thereof. Small size, light weight, simple structure, reliable operation, easy installation, etc., the most suitable to have isolated mountain farmers minute water resources to solve power plant lighting, television, etc. electricity. Turbine and generator have been strengthened to deal, reliable, stable performance, women and children may be operating characteristics, for farmers since the purchase, self, self-management, self-use. Users only need to be able to supply less investment to add to your family happiness and joy.

"Ramp-machine" adopts new inclined tube, nozzle, with large and small caliber, improve the efficiency of the turbine. Set separation between motor and turbine bearing section, waterproof, greatly improving the life of the unit, eliminating the main drawbacks of the oblique attack aircraft, to achieve high quality.

Ramp-style small hydroelectric or called ramp-style mini-hydroelectric

Using a simple spoon blade turbine composed by the housing, a nozzle, an impeller, and a generator, whose design is extremely simple, when a high-speed flow from the nozzle toward the blade, high-speed rotating blade, so as to drive generators. Because of its simplicity, small size, light weight, simple structure, reliable operation, easy installation characteristics, most suitable for mountain farmers have slight water resources solution sporadic power plant lighting, television, etc. electricity.

Ramp-type turbine generator units belonging to traffic generators of small high head, head range is generally applicable 5-70Meter. Its working principle is: the jet from the nozzle is not out tangentially, but along the plane of rotation of the wheel in a direction at an angle from the side of the wheel into the bucket, and then leave the other side bucket.

Our main production0.3KW-100KWSmall hydro-generating unit, install the following picture:

Installation Instructions

1, installation requirements: turbine planar contact with the base bottom plane tight seamless, neither the contact surfaces so that the tail water splash, without leaking outwardly.

2, the installation program: After the concrete poured has set the basis for the curing, the unit installation position, and then sequentially watering. Measuring the level of the scale must be horizontal when the unit is installed, to ensure that the unit is fixed in a horizontal position. Horizon unit and plugging gaps with cement, does not allow water leakage. After the installation unit, then a check and hand turn rotates the turbine shaft, such as flexible and movable, even if the unit is installed.

3, the basic requirements of the installation of the pipe: pipe diameter The pipe unit purchase requirement, high drop pipe diameter can be reduced. Pipeline straight to minimize bending, pipeline and horizontal angle of not less than 25 degrees, or pipeline growth, large head loss, resulting in insufficient electricity and other consequences, to install the pool wall in front of Intake pipe with most, if flare, its lower edge from the bottom plane is not less than 0.2 m, an inner diameter of the joint should be equal, in order to reduce head loss, should be minimized linker.

4, the installation of the steel pipe: a multi-micro hydro flange welded steel pipe, be sure to let timing flange mounting pads, so as to reduce the flow section, the union nuts Yaoan diagonal order progressively tighten.

5, anchor block: water in the pipe joint and the turbine nozzle, the maximum pressure on the pipe, it is necessary to build a stone or concrete anchor block, a metal tube is fixed.

6, buttress: a metal pipe by its own weight and water weight, easy bending deformation pipe is too long, it must be added in the middle buttress. Position is preferably disposed at the branch pipe joint of the duct.

Verifying Installation

1, check the pipe and fittings for leaks. If you find there is leakage, should analyze the reasons for timely treatment.

2, obstruction of dirt left behind by the installation of the pipeline, to be cleaned to ensure the water flow.

3, the pressure receiving water pipe inspection, whether modified or inflection, the support is solid. If the event is not a normal phenomenon, should be timely manner.


Valve installation

A valve mounted on the water pipe, close to that end of the unit, or about 1 meter from the nozzle is mounted directly on the nozzle, as the case may be. Micro hydro valve diameter pipe diameter should be consistent, the choice of gate or ball must not use valves, since the choice of cut-off valve to reduce the flow section will affect turbine output.

Valve installation must pay attention to two points:

1, the center line of the tail shaft and turbine runner watercourse must remain the same vertical line.

2, flange pad to pad positive fastening bolt connection, so as to reduce possible head loss, but also to prevent leakage.

engine room

Room micro-turbine group of civilian houses can be built, the room should be ventilated to ensure the house and does not leak, not water seepage. An area size of the visual unit, the unit to the wall distance not less than 0.8 m, so convenient installation, operation and maintenance operations.


Check before test machine. After the micro-hydro installation before commissioning, it must be checked. Check the contents include a review of the quality of the installation, inspection of micro hydropower units and electrical systems and other aspects.

Inspection of the quality of the installation

1, drains, water pipes should be no leakage, the intake should be free of obstructions fences, flexible valve should open and close;

2, the water level of the pool to keep the water level design;

3, should drain reclosable;

Inspection of micro hydropower units and electrical systems

1, the control key generator housing cover open, the contact with the slip ring brush inspection is good;

2, each of the mechanical connector should be no loose fasteners;

3, the wheel rotation should be flexible, without shaking, the same sound, each of the rotating parts should be added a little oil.

4, with a reliable electrical connection, the total load does not exceed the electricity generator rated power. Or connected with a power transfer device equipped with a mechanical regulator device unit may temporarily take the load, but must transfer requires electrical wiring or mechanical regulator device securely sensitive.

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