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Charger Solar controller 20A 12V/24V work EPIP-COM PWM EPEVER

Charger Solar controller 20A 12V/24V work EPIP-COM PWM EPEVER

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  • Maximum Current: 20A
  • is_customized: Yes
  • Certification: CE
  • Application: Charger Controller
  • Application: Solar System Controller
  • Application: Voltage Controller
  • Application: Lighting Controller
  • Application: Solar Working Station
  • Manufacturer: EPsolar/EPEVER
  • System voltage: 12V/24V auto
  • system Power: 12V 270W;24V 550W
  • Battery type: Sealed/Gel/Flooded
  • Temperature: -35℃~+55℃
  • Net weight: 250g

20A 12V/24V work Dual Battery Charger Solar controller EPIP-COM PWM EPEVER Free Shipping to UK MT-1 options EPsolar


EPIPDB-COM series can charge two battery banks. No load terminals. EPIPDB-COM series is ideal for use with motorhomes, caravans, boats or anywhere there are two independent batteries for instance a starter battery and a leisure battery. The Charging percentages for each battery can be set manually if required.


  • Two battery charging priority programable(from 0-100%)

  • Intelligent System Optimum Control

  • 12/24V auto work

  • Battery type selection: Sealed, Flooded or Gel

  • PWM charging, different frequency option

  • Local external temperature compensation

  • Remote temperature sensor optional

  • Use MOSFET as electronic switch, without any mechanical switch

  • Remote meter MT-1 optional

  • Electronic protection: Over charging, short-circuit, reverse polarity & reverse current to PV Protection

Note: connect the components as the 1-6

Remote temp. sensor

A connection point for RTS(option) to remotely monitor battery temperature

Local temp. sensor

Measures ambient temperature. Battery regulation is adjusted accordingly

For battery 1

Provides charging & battery status and errors

For battery 2

Provides charging & battery status and errors

Remote meter connection(Optional, Model: MT-1)

A communication port for the remote meter

Note: where is no RTS, the controller calculate the data which got from the local temp. sensor. The controller will come to RTS automatically when the RTS was connected.

Setting Mode:

Three leds flashing, each LED express different specifications, choose the LED first according to the following information, and then press the switch for 5 seconds until the number flashing, choose one number as you need, and leave it and the number you set will be saved.

1. 1st led is the battery type setting.

2. 2nd led is for charging priority, only set the percentage you want for
battery #1, the controller will automatically calculate the rest for battery

Note: in the normal charging status, the controller will divide the charging
as the setting. While battery #1 is fully charged, more charge current will be
diverted to battery #2, and return to the setting charging automatically
when the battery #1 is in low voltage.

When the controller detects there is only battery #1, all the charging will go
to the battery #1 automatically.

3. 3rd led is for charging frequency.




Nominal system voltage


Rated charge current



Battery type


Equalize charging voltage

Sealed:14.6V / Gel:No / Flooded:14.8V

Boost charging voltage

Sealed:14.4V / Gel:14.2V / Flooded:14.6V

Float charging voltage

Sealed/Gel/Flooded: 13.8V

Maximum solar voltage

30V (12V System) / 55V (24V System)

Battery voltage range


Boost time

120 minutes


4mA at night,10mA at charging

Meterbus connection

8-PIN RJ-45

Temperature compensation






Net weight


Note: all the data is for 12V, for 24V, please use 2x.

Package List:

  • 1 x EPEVER EPIPDB-COM Dual Battery Solar Controller 10A / 20A

  • 1 x User Manual (English)

Note: The following accessories are not included in controller box, you could check and purchase accessories separately.

MT-1 Remote Meter (Optional)


MT-1 is an optional accessory for EPIPDB-COM series solar charge controller. The LCD displays the system status and parameters clearly.

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