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2P/4P 10/30/100/300mA Electric Vehicle EV Charging Pile Residual Current Breaker DC RCCB RCD Type B 6KA Din Rail Earth Leakage

2P/4P 10/30/100/300mA Electric Vehicle EV Charging Pile Residual Current Breaker DC RCCB RCD Type B 6KA Din Rail Earth Leakage

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This Electric Vehicle EV Charging Pile Residual Current Breaker is designed for high-performance charging with a 6KA Din Rail Earth Leakage. The RCCB RCD Type B quickly detects and stops current leakage, ensuring safe and efficient charging at 2P/4P 10/30/100/300mA.


  • Brand Name: EARUELETRIC
  • Type: Residual Current
  • Rated Voltage: 220V
  • Type: RCD
  • Model Number: RCCB
  • Breaking Capacity: 10KA
  • Rated Sensitivity: 10mA 30mA 100mA 300mA
  • Standard: IEC61008-1
  • Mounting: Din Rail
  • Rated Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Rated Current: 6A.10A.16A.20A.25A.32A.40A.50A.63A
  • Poles: 2P 4P
  • Type of leakage: B Type
  • Type: Electromagnetic
  • Material: Flame Retardant Material
  • Function: Leakage Protection
  • Rated voltage: 2P 240V/ 4P 415V
  • Insulation voltage: 500v
  • Rated sensitivity: 0.03A 0.1A 0.3A 0.01A
  • Break time under: ≤0.1s
  • Storage temperature: -25-+70℃
  • Dielectric test voltage at and ind.Freq.for.1min: 2.5kV
  • Electrical life and Mechanical life: 4000
  • Faule current indicator: No
  • Model Number 1: RCD
  • Model Number 2: ELCB
  • Rated residual making and breaking capacity: 1000A
  • Usage1: EV & PV installations
  • Usage2: Frequency converters
  • Usage3: UPS installations
  • Usage4: Building site power supply cabinets
  • Usage5: High-frequency power converters

Our factory can provide OEM service to manufacture this device with your brand, logo, if you get any need, feel free to contact the buyer!

Type B RCCBs, in addition to normal AC, can detect high frequency AC and pure DC earth leakage currents. Reducing the risk of fire and/or electrocution throug4h automatic disconnection of the electrical supply relies on the selection of the correct type of RCCB.

Application Example:

EV & PV installations, Frequency converters, UPS installations, High-frequency power converters, Building site power supply cabinets

  • Mode : Electromagnetic
  • Type(wave form of the earth leakage sensed): B Type
  • Rated current In :6A.10A.16A.20A.25A.32A.40A.50A.63A
  • Poles:2P/4P
  • Rated voltage Ue :2P 240V~,4P 415V~
  • Insulation voltage Ui :500V
  • Rated frequency :50/60Hz
  • Rated residual operation current(I△n) :10mA 30mA 100mA 300mA
  • Rated residual making and breaking capacity (I△m):1000A(In≤40A),10In(In>40A)
  • Short-circuit current Inc= I△c:10,000A
  • Break time under I△n :≤0.1s
  • Rated impulse withstand voltage(1.5/50) Uimp : 4000V
  • Dielectric test voltage at ind.Freq. for 1min :2.5kV
  • Electrical life : 2,000Cycles
  • Mechanical life : 4,000Cycles

B Class leakage circuit breaker : B class leakage circuit breaker can protect sinusoidal AC signal, pulsating DC signal and smooth signal reliably, which has higher design requirements than type A leakage circuit breaker.It ensures that under the following conditions.

  • is identical to Type A
  • Remaining sinusoidal ALTERNATING current up to 1000Hz
  • The remaining AC current superimposed with a smooth DC current of 04 times the rated remaining current
  • Residual pulsating dc current plus 04 times rated residual current or smooth dc current of 10mA (larger value for both)
  • Residual DC current generated by the following rectifier circuits: for 2-pole, 3-pole and 4-pole leakage breakers, wire to wire half-wave bridge connections

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