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Remote Meter EPEVER MT-1 with LCD Display for Duo Battery

Remote Meter EPEVER MT-1 with LCD Display for Duo Battery

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Color: MT-1


  • EPEVER MT-1 Remote Meter with LCD Display for 10A/20A Dual Battery Solar Panel Charge Controller.
  • Shows you the main charging parameters and information about performance of your solar system, such as voltage, current and state of charge of your batteries.
  • Battery charge / accumulated capacity / min and max voltage can be recorded which is great for comparing performance of the system at different periods.
  • Temperature and time can also be displayed on the screen. The meter can be set to go through each data parameter and change every 3 seconds or display only the chosen set of data. 4 buttons on the front side allow you to switch between data sets easily.
  • The meter is supplied with 10m connection cable, which can be easily plugged into your dual battery solar charge controller.

Details: Specifications:
Rated voltage: 12V
Min voltage (suggest): 8.0V
Strong backlight on: <23mA
Low backlight on: <20mA
Backlight and LED indicator off: <17mA
Operation temperature: -40 +60
LCD operation temperature: -10 +40
Humidity: 95% N.C.
Communication cable: RJ45 (8PIN), 10 meter

Package Dimensions: 9.6 x 6.5 x 2.0 inches

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