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Wifi Smart Air Box Sensor PM2.5 PM10 Temperature Humidity Gas Detector Meter Tuya Smart Life App Control Home Automation Alarm

Wifi Smart Air Box Sensor PM2.5 PM10 Temperature Humidity Gas Detector Meter Tuya Smart Life App Control Home Automation Alarm

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Monitor indoor air quality with the Wifi Smart Air Box Sensor. Detects PM2.5, PM10, temperature, humidity and gas levels. Control and receive alerts via Tuya Smart Life App. Keep your home healthy and automated.


  • Working temperature: -20~85℃
  • Operating Voltage: 4.8~12V
  • Working current: 10~496ma
  • Size: 100*100*35mm
  • Powered by: USB 5V/1A
  • Protocol: WIFI 2.4GHZ
  • Colour: blue
  • Material: ABS
  • Range(PM2.5): 0~1000mg/m3
  • Range(Temperature): 0~60℃
  • Range(PM10): 0~1000mg/m3
  • Range(Humidity): 0~99%

PM2.5 Box is the home of intelligent device for remote monitoring of air environment,

It can also detect PM2.5, PM10, Temperature, Humidity and so on 4 kinds of environmental parameters,

In environmental parameters exceed bid automatically when the graffiti smart home air conditioning, new fan, humidifier, air purifier on household environment optimization.

Note: please do not put PM2.5 Box at lampblack is too big, strong convection air or in high concentration organic gas for a long time, otherwise it will damage the sensor.

Air housekeeper linkage by Tuya APP automation function of other equipment in the room(Such as air conditioning, new fan, air purifier, humidifier, etc)

After reaching a predetermined threshold automatic control.


  • Click on the "smart" button at the bottom of the APP home page,Intelligent scene into the interface,Click on the button at the top of the automation,Then click" ", smart setting into the interface;
  • Click on the “ ” enter to create smart automation configuration,Set conditions,In the "device status changes" option select intelligent Air housekeeper,Choose the trigger condition of air environment parameters,PM2.5,PM10, temperature, humidity 4 one of them;
  • Select a parameter thresholds,There are less than, equal to,greater than 3 kinds of condition model,Set one of the select the next step;
  • Create a set task,Select operating equipment,Choose to control device in the device list,Such as lamps, curtains, air conditioning, the new fan, humidifier, air purifier, etc.In the device's function interface to select specific commands to control,Such as open, close, time or other.Then select the next step;
  • Edit automation name,Choose automation effective effect of the time,Click save - enabled immediately,Automation set success. When the Air housekeeper detect environmental parameters to default values will be automatically control equipment,An Air housekeeper can set up multiple intelligent automation control equipment at the same time.


  • Working temperature:-20-85 °C
  • Working voltage: 5 V
  • Working current :10-496 ma
  • size: 100*100*40 mm
  • The power supply mode: USB 5V/1A
  • Communication protocol: WIFI 2.4GHZ
  • color Blue Shell material: ABS
  • The weight of the: 92g
  • Range (PM10): 0-1000 ug/m3
  • Range (Temperature): 0-60 °C
  • Range (Humidity): 0-95 %
  • Range (PM2.5): 0-1000 ug/m3

Package Included:

  • PM2.5 Box X1
  • Instruction for use X1
  • Card pin X1
  • USB power supply cord X1

Notes: About the preheating:Just when the electricity Air housekeeper,In order to detect more accurate, sensor need to be heated for 1-3 minutes.


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